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MyGateway - Access Government Services Online

MyGateway is the centralized, safe, secure way to access and pay for government services online. Making Government Work for You The Bahamas is a small nation with big potential but prosperity in today’s global economy requires digital fluency and transparency in government transactions. The Government is investing $30 million in its e-Bahamas Revolution to advance The Bahamas as a digital society, inclusive of SMART technology, to achieve e-government and advance the creation of a digital society to better serve its customers.

E-government is a critical step to making it easier to conduct government transactions by making them more accessible, less expensive and more transparent. The 35 services launched on MyGateway have made it easier for individuals and businesses in Nassau and the Family Island as well as Bahamians living abroad to conduct business with the government.

Some of the high demand services include:

  • Vehicle registration

  • Driver’s licence renewal

  • Police character reference

  • Passport applications and renewals

  • Post office box applications and renewals

  • Requesting certified copies of birth, death and marriage certificates

  • Conducting deed and document searches

New Services Added Monthly A suite of recently launched services from the Department of Agriculture now allow eligible individuals as well as small and medium sized businesses to apply online for permits to import a variety of products such as fruits and vegetables, meat, chicken, eggs, plants and flowers, dairy and other agricultural products.

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MyGateway - At A Glance
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