BCCEC Chamber Committees 2021-2023

Executive Committee
Chairman: Khrystle Rutherford-Ferguson

The Executive Committee will continue to work with its committee members to address fronting issues such as accountability, transparency and anti-corruption.

Budget and Finance Committee

The purpose of the Budget and Finance Committee is to maintain the fiscal stability and long-term economic health of the Chamber. The Committee oversees that financial planning for the Chamber is supportive of and fully integrated with the long-range plans and mission of the Chamber. The Committee provides oversight of fiscal management and guidance to those responsible for the Chamber’s day-to-day operations.

Membership Engagement, Statistics and Analytics Committee

This committee is tasked with communications, membership engagement, and developing a robust supply of empirical data based on our member's input. The Committee’s remit will also include evaluating membership satisfaction and recommending ways to improve value for members.

Ease of Doing Business and SME Development Committee

The Ease of Doing Business and SME Commitee promote the growth of small and medium enterprises through the mentorship program and venture fund. To provide SME with the knowledge base through the Chamber Institute and HR Help Desks they require to be successful in a competitive environment. Support of the SMEs through the Chamber Institute, the HR Help Desk and the SME Division itself with the Apprenticeship Program and Venture Fund is an important offering of this Division.

Labour and Employment Relations Committee

The Employment and Labor committee works to foster strong relations with labor and encourage continued employee training and development. Strong tiers between employment and labor are key to business success as one is the driver and the other the engine of the economy. Vocational development of the workforce is critical to the economy. Businesses must understand the explicit link between employee education, productivity, competitiveness and GDP growth.

Professional Development and Training Committee

This committee is tasked with promoting The Chamber Institute as a viable option for professional development for our membership and the wider business community. It is also tasked with developing a training calendar and developing relationships with local, regional, and international training agencies, which may lead to offering co-branded courses.

Economic Development & Trade Committee

This committee recognizes the necessity of attracting new businesses and industries to Bahamian shores. It works to develop ties and network with foreign Chambers in areas like South America and Indo-Asia to explore opportunities in areas such as lite manufacturing, trading centers, commercial banking, logistics and trans-shipment. Under the Ease of Business Bureau, we will determine ways to raise our ranking on the International Ease of Business Ranking (EBR) as well as identifying areas of local concern and impediments to business in The Bahamas.

Energy and the Environment Committee

Energy reform is one of the single largest priority areas that the country is facing and the Chamber takes the urgency of this quite seriously. With energy costs at current levels, The Bahamas is not competitive as a nation. The ability to grow The Bahamas’ economy is severely stunted by energy costs. The environment remains a serious concern due to the massive pressures that large-scale development puts in small island chains. More must be done to assure that developments are planned and executed in a way that is truly sustainable and respectful of our unique natural resources.

Family Island Development Committee

The Family Islands Division is charged with bringing the Family Island Chambers and businesses into the BCCEC in an effort to unite common concerns and objectives of the country into one voice and set of objectives. The BCCEC understands that businesses on the Family Islands have unique interests and needs from those in Nassau and that we must encourage the growth of Commerce in the Family Islands.

Digital Transformation Committee 

The mission of the Digital Transformation Committee is to help create an environment in which businesses can understand, adopt and integrate digital transformation as a part of a business growth and sustainability strategy. The committee builds awareness about digital transformation and educates BCCEC member organizations about the value of digital for their businesses. The committee gathers input from member organizations, makes recommendations that reflect the needs of the private sector to the national Transformation and Digitization Committee and conducts educational events.

Grant Writing Committee

The Grant Writing Committee was created to identify organizations that offer grant programs that can augment the BCCEC’s fundraising efforts which are aimed at financing ongoing and new initiatives. The Committee is mandated to search for both domestic and international grant opportunities and to also oversee the due diligence process for prospective donors, the grant application process, and the submission of requisite supporting documentation on the BCCEC’s behalf.