Family Island Chamber of Commerce

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and The Bahamas Employer's Confederation joined together in 2011, to create one body that would better raise and enforce standards and enhance its offering to its members and the public.

Constantly evolving, today's Chamber now consists of several divisions that range in interest from Trade to Social Program Reform, Policies, Regulations and the Environment. The Family Island divisions were created to help focus on all phases of the Bahamian economy, and focus on all areas involving trade and commerce on each of the family islands. 

Here is a list of all active Chamber of Commerce located on each island. 

Abaco Chamber of Commerce

President: Ken Hutton

Vice President: Ruth Saunders

Secretary: Brenda Jenour

P.O. BOX AB-20213

Telephone: (242) 367-5822



Andros Chamber of Commerce

North Andros

President: Darin Bethell 

South Andros

President: Joe Rahming

Vice President: Sharon Andrews

Central Andros

President: Tavares Thompson 

Vice President: Fredina Scoles

Bimini Chamber of Commerce

President: Edward Reckley


Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce

President: Thomas Sands

Telephone: (242) 359-7011


Exuma Chamber of Commerce

President: Pedro Rolle

Vice President: Urban Smith

Telephone: (242) 357-5645/(242) 357-0577

Email: OR

Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce

President: Greg Laroda

1st Vice President: Daniel Lowe

2nd Vice President: Dan Romence

Executive Director: Mercynth Ferguson

Telephone: (242) 352-8329

Fax: (242) 352-3280



Long Island Chamber of Commerce

President: Cheryl de Goicoechea

Vice President: Ramona Taylor

Telephone: (242) 357-1064