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BCCEC Annual General Meeting 2023 

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers' Confederation (BCCEC) held its Annual General Meeting and Election of its Board of Directors on November 30th, 2023. Timothy Ingraham (CEO of Summit Insurance Co. Ltd.) was elected as Chairman by the membership of the BCCEC to serve a two-year term and lead the Board of Directors.

Mr. Ingraham thanks members for the confidence shown in him and the other board members by electing them to lead the prestigious body.  For 88 years The BCCEC has served as the leading resource and advocacy body for the business community in The Bahamas. 

The new board will aim to build on this very strong legacy of representation and advocacy and will work to create policy positions that foster a productive business environment, which encourages enterprise creation and sustainable economic development.  

Newly elected officers of the Board include:

  • Timothy Ingraham, Chairman

  • Don Williams, Vice-Chairman

  • Charnette Thompson, Secretary

  • Kendra Culmer, Treasurer

  • Khrystle Rutherford-Ferguson will remain on the Executive Committee as Immediate Past Chairman

Additionally, the membership elected ten Directors to serve alongside the officers. Returning Directors include:

  • Antoinette Russell, Director

  • Cristobal Gomez, Director

  • Odetta Morton, Director

  • Peter Goudie, Director

  • Royann Dean, Director

  • Sean Moree, Director

  • Davinia Bain, Director

There are three newly elected Directors:

  • Ja'Ann Major, Director

  • Kimberly Bodie, Director and

  • Joan Dilworth, Director

Departing Directors include Mike Maura, Keith Roye, Kahlil Parker, and Michelle Moodie.


We wish them all the best!

BCCEC AGM group executive photo 2023 .jpg

Picture from left to right: Khrystle Rutherford-Ferguson (Immediate Past Chairman), Don Williams (Vice-Chairman), Timothy Ingraham (Chairman), Kendra Culmer (Treasurer), and Charnette Thompson (Secretary)

Picture from left to right: Khrystle Rutherford-Ferguson (Immediate Past Chairman), Peter Goudie (Director), Kimberley Bodie (Director), Don Williams (Vice-Chairman), Timothy Ingraham (Chairman), Kendra Culmer (Treasurer), Joan Dilworth (Director), Ja’Ann Major (Director), Antoinette Russell (Director), Charnette Thompson (Secretary)

Chairman's Report

Mrs. Rutherford-Ferguson during her remarks at the AGM noted that the organization has “come a long way” having navigated challenges posed by Hurricane Dorian and the COVID-19 crisis, both unprecedented events.


She further acknowledged that despite the challenges of lockdown restrictions during the pandemic, the Chamber actively lobbied for the easing of restrictions as well as the reopening of businesses, and financial support to the business community through tax deferrals and credits. She expressed delight at the thriving state of the country’s tourism market currently, with ancillary businesses benefiting from increased arrivals.


Mrs Rutherford-Ferguson noted that the BCCEC has and continues to adopt a collaborative approach to advocacy for the business community, engaging industry associations, stakeholders, multinational agencies, and the government. She encouraged BCCEC members to continue to voice their concerns so that the organization can continue to effectively advocate on their behalf.


Describing her work at the Chamber as a “labor of love,” Rutherford-Ferguson expressed pride in the efforts undertaken during her tenure as well as the financial strides made by the organization. “The future of the BCCEC is a bright one.”

Click below to view the Chairman's Year In Review Report:

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