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BCCEC Newsletter November 2022

The BCCEC is pleased to introduce our monthly e-newsletter to strengthen our communication with you by providing up-to-date national and international business information and opportunities.

This month's edition features a press statement from the BCCEC Board concerning consultation on the smooth and equitable adoption of new policies, a news article from Chairman Khrystle Rutherford-Ferguson discussing the Chamber supporting the retail grocers, pharmacies, and tourism stakeholders that have recently spoken out against the new price control measures, the increase in the minimum wage on January 1, and substantial Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) rate hikes. There are also event recaps of our trade webinar with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and of our Inaugural Chamber Classic golf tournament. Lastly, check out the latest trade information and updates from the Bahamas Trade Information Portal.

Our newsletters are distributed on the 15th of each month and we encourage you to share them within your networks.

Happy Reading!

Download the BCCEC Newsletter November 2022:

BCCEC Newsletter November 2022
Download PDF • 2.54MB

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