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Aiming To Slow The Spread

John Watling’s pivots to meet the needs of the community

To help slow the spread of COVID-19 John Watling’s Distillery has switched gears to produce a hand sanitizer for The Bahamas.

Globally over 600 spirit manufacturers are now making hand sanitizer to combat the pandemic.

As the only super-premium spirits manufacturer in The Bahamas, “we see it as a war effort,” said Jose Portuondo, the distillery’s co-founder.

“We are lucky to have an inventory of Ethyl alcohol to fight against this virus,” added Mr Portuondo.

“For John Watling’s Distillery, there was no question in doing our part. Like the rest of our industry, we shifted our business to meet the needs of our community and those on the front line.”

John Watling’s was “designated as an ‘Essential Service’ to facilitate the start-up, manufacture, bottling and distribution of Bahamian made ‘Hand Sanitizer’”, by the Ministry of Health on April 13.