Recap: BCCEC & China Seminar - “New Era, New Opportunities - Promoting China-Bahamas Co-operation"

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce along with Chinese Embassy diplomats and business representatives led a virtual webinar on May 25th, 2021 at 3 pm to discuss the mutually beneficial economic opportunities between the Bahamas and China.

Our Chairman, Mrs. Krystle Rutherford Ferguson, noted that the BCCEC is exploring ways to expand opportunities for its members by expanding the markets they have access to, with the webinar providing a forum to highlight opportunities for the business communities of China and The Bahamas as well as a mutually beneficial trade relationship based on the Chinese development and opening-up priorities for the next five to 15 years.

Chinese Ambassador Dai Qingli acknowledged there is “huge potential” for partnership between The Bahamas and China in a number of key areas and industries.

Gershan Major, the Bahamas China Friendship Association (BCFA) president, noted: “In order for our transformative growth as a nation to be both sustainable and scalable, we must bring our marginalized along, strengthen our middle class and provide equity opportunities for more entrepreneurs willing to take the risks and become active participants in future FDIs from the People’s Republic of China. It cannot simply be a labor-driven exercise.”

He added: “I am a strong proponent of equity and wealth creation. The Bahamas must define very clearly our own foreign policy needs and objectives as we seek to negotiate from a position of strength.

“This must be acted upon with clarity as to what is in the best interest of The Bahamas, its citizens and residents alike. Our two nations’ bond [of] friendship must seek to balance a more equitable exchange whenever and wherever possible, in the interest of both peoples.”

You can read the full remarks from the Chinese Ambassador here:

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