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News Report - Chamber lauds plan to ease restrictions

From The Nassau Guardian August 25th, 2020

Chief Executive Officer of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation (BCCEC) Jeffrey Beckles said the Chamber had been lobbying for the competent authority to allow businesses to operate under COVID-19 protocols and restrictions to reduce the downside impact on the country’s economy.

“I thought today’s national address was extremely positive for the business community and for everyone, but the Chamber is extremely elated that our recommendations and our contributions yielded this kind of result today and the work is just now beginning, in that it’s going to take a collective effort to get our businesses open, to get our people back to work and to manage within the confines of the protocols that have been put in place,” said Beckles.

“And, so, I believe that every business owner is excited to buy in and to participate in this collective effort, so we’re very happy as a chamber to see that the work that we have been putting in and the great pressure, has materialized in the announcements of today.”

Beckles said the BCCEC will work along with the Ministry of Health and other agencies to get the word out on the protocols for safe opening and the safe return to work.

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