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News Report: Chamber Confederation: Lack of tech limits remote workforce

From EyeWitness News May 14th 2020

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- The lack of technology usage and digital transformation are among the ‘greatest deficiencies’ facing the country according to Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employer’s Confederation (BCCEC) chief executive Jeffrey Beckles, noting that less than 50 percent of workers who have been sent home due to COVID-19 are prepared to work remotely.

Beckles who was addressing a meeting of the Rotary Club of Old Fort via Zoom last evening said that the primary reason for this is a skills gap as it relates to being computer and technologically savvy.

“Since March 20th, tens of thousands of Bahamians have gone home, having either been either furloughed, laid-off, terminated or are working remotely. We have found in studies that less than 50 per cent of that workforce is prepared to work remotely. The primary reason is that the skills gap as it relates to being computer savvy, having computer knowledge and competency is not as high as many people believe,” said Beckles.

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