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News Report: Chamber calls for extension of unemployment benefits

From EyeWitness News May 12th, 2020

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Chamber of Commerce’s labour specialist said yesterday the recommendations have been sent to government to extend unemployment benefits to 26 weeks to prevent companies from having to terminate workers.

Peter Goudie, also the deputy chairman of the National Tripartite Council told Eyewitness News, “hotels are in deep trouble”.

He added that it simply “makes no sense” to make workers redundant when there are no jobs to apply for.

“The hotels are in deep trouble, deeper than businesses because some businesses are starting to come on line,” Goudie said.

“We know that the hotel situation is not going to change in the very near future. Recommendations have been made to government by the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, the Bahamas Hotel Employers Association and the National Tripartite Council to extend that benefit just like it was done after Hurricane Dorian. We have not heard anything from government yet but I understand that it is under active consideration.”

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