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EXTENSION OF DEADLINE: Call for project ideas - CCCCC /Ministry of Environment and Housing

EXTENSION OF DEADLINE: Call For Project Ideas Bahamas Private Sector – The Bahamas Readiness And Support II | January 29th, 2021

This Call for Project Ideas aims to collect a list of project ideas from the private sector entities of the country, aligned with the GCF strategic areas and with the national priorities from the Government of The Bahamas expressed in documents such as the National Determined Contributions (NDC), the Second National Communication to the UNFCCC, among others. The purpose of this exercise is to increase the participation of private entities in climate action initiatives, in the form of Public-Private Partnerships.

The deadline has been extended to January 29, 2021. We remind you of the importance of receiving these project ideas since the selected projects are intended to contribute to the country's climate change objectives as well as to the implementation of better adaptation and mitigation practices at the sectoral level.

Please note that these project ideas should be sent to the following email address: You can also submit your questions to the same email address.

Download Guidelines document

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