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Event: BCCEC & Cuba Chamber of Commerce - Business to Business Virtual Forum | Feb. 3rd

Please join the BCCEC and the Cuba Chamber of Commerce for a Business To Business Virtual Forum on Thursday, February 3rd, 2022 starting at 10 AM. This forum is a great opportunity for local businesses to meet, exchange information, and create business partnerships with Cuban businesses operating in the medical and health sector.

Cuban business representatives will share information about their products and services. Come prepared to meet and ask questions.

Register now to attend the forum.

Featured Cuban Business:

Marketer of Cuban Medical Services, SA

(Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, SA)

Marketer of Cuban Medical Services, SA otherwise known as Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, SA constitutes a comprehensive offer for the export of services associated with health. The company takes the concept of "Medical and Health Services" beyond the concept of "Health Tourism", offering seven types of services:

  • Medical Assistance Services in Cuba.

  • Academic and Teaching Services within the Health profile.

  • Health services, for well-being and quality of life in Cuba.

  • Medical and health services at the border.

  • Health services associated with optical products, pharmaceuticals and natural and traditional medicine.

  • Scientific events services.

  • Professional Services associated with medical and health services abroad.

Multidisciplinary teams made up of highly trained and experienced doctors, nurses, technicians, engineers, technologists, psychologists constitute the essence of CSMC,SA; These professionals are distinguished by the humane treatment of each patient and their families, respect and ethics in their daily practice.

CSMC, SA has a network of hospitals of excellence throughout the country, both general and specialized, equipped with the most modern technology recognized in the world. In these centers, innovative techniques are applied for a rapid and effective diagnosis in more than 150 therapeutic procedures.

The Academic Services modality acquires a broad hierarchy in the entity's current portfolio of services, based on the quality and positioning that Cuba has gained in the general and specialized teaching - educational field. Added to the most contemporary experiences are traditions, knowledge and competence that have been accumulating since the end of the 19th century, as a lucid contribution from a robust professional sector.

To carry out its management effectively, CSMC, SA establishes direct contractual relationships with insurers, associations, national and foreign entities, regional and international organizations, central or local governments, public or private entities and other duly accredited legal entities, as well as with natural persons, offering the possibility of personalizing each and every one of the programs and services that we offer.

As part of its management, the entity articulates and coordinates the specialized services of important medical centers and institutions in the country, which are at the forefront both in the technological, research and teaching platform that supports their benefits as well as the quality of care that distinguishes them.

Visit their website -

Download the Business Profile of CSMC:

Briefing CSMC Bahamas - FINAL
Download PDF • 43KB

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