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BCCEC Member’s Post: Investors Attend Easyterms Inaugural Business Update

Nassau, Bahamas, June 26th, 2023 – Easyterms, a leading lending facility for government and private employees, recently held a successful social and business company update at SuperClub Breezes. Approximately seventy current and potential investors attended to learn about Easyterms’ current fiscal performance, new initiatives and future business lines expansion.

The event brought together prominent figures from various industries to discuss the company's recent achievements and prospects. In addition to fostering valuable connections, Easyterms’ Investor Update featured a charitable initiative that allowed attendees to guide an Easyterms-funded donation by placing a special Easyterms attendee chip valued at $50.00 each in a slot specific to their preferred cause. The charity options included Sister Sister Breast Cancer Support Group, Ranfurly Homes for Children and Great Commission Ministries, enabling these organizations to further their meaningful work.

Davinia Munroe, Easyterms’ Communications Officer, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response to the event.

"We are thrilled to have witnessed such a tremendous turnout at our Investor Update event. The presence of distinguished business people was appreciated as Easyterms remains dedicated to not only revolutionizing The Bahamas’ financing landscape, but giving back to the community in meaningful ways,” she said.

In addition to Easyterms’ charitable initiative which led to the company donating over $3,000, Easyterms used the Investor Update event as an opportunity to engage potential investors and showcase its success in offering customer-centric financial services. The event provided a comprehensive overview of the company's financial performance, growth strategies and future plans. Easyterms’ leadership team emphasized the immense potential for lucrative investment opportunities and the company’s overall success.

With its strong track record and a vision for the future, Easyterms offers a compelling proposition to individuals seeking profitable ventures in the finance sector. During the event, Easyterms announced an Investor Loyalty Program. The Investor Update event served as a testament to Easyterms’ commitment to excellence, community engagement and investor value. By fostering connections, supporting charitable causes and showcasing its financial expertise, Easyterms has solidified its position as a leader in the industry and an attractive investment opportunity.

Easyterms’ Investor Update featured a charitable initiative that allowed attendees to contribute to their preferred cause by making a donation via complimentary attendee chips valued at $50.00 each.

Easyterms’ Investor Update event brought together prominent figures from various industries.

Photos: Ashley Albury, Serena Williams Media & PR

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