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Apply Now: EOI: Programme to Launch Caribbean Food Products in UK and EU Markets

Deadline Date:30 Jul, 2021

Time:4:00 pmAST

Caribbean Export is launching a programme to enhance the export competitiveness of CARIFORUM SAUCES AND CONDIMENT EXPORTERS to meet the increasing demand for their products in the UK and EU markets. With the expertise of a UK/EU food and beverage and market compliance expert, the specific objectives of the programme are to:

  • Build the export capacity of CARIFORUM sauces and condiments exporters to meet UK and EU demand. The priority markets for the EU are Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France and Belgium.

  • Immerse a select group of beneficiaries in a targeted export-oriented programme to identify challenges and therefore increase opportunities to expand exports to the UK and EU markets.

  • Increase the market access and availability of the named products across the various retail market segments in the UK and EU.

  • Provide beneficiaries with capacity building through coaching and market intelligence expertise to support greater market access to the UK and EU markets.

  • Equip beneficiaries with the tools and expertise to address market entry challenges including compliance, technical regulations and product labelling, marketing and branding as well as logistics and other operational and route to market challenges to create and promote sustainable and scalable businesses.

  • Develop a template or blueprint for a ‘Go-To-Market’ launch strategy for beneficiaries.

  • Prepare beneficiaries to identify and target specific buyers before engaging with them via business-to-business(B2B) meetings in the UK and Europe at upcoming international trade shows and trade missions.

This programme will be executed over a 10-month period and will require a firm commitment from beneficiaries including dedicated time, human resource personnel, as well as some financial investment (to be determined) based on recommendations of consultants as part of the coaching immersion programme. In addition, for this programme to be successful, firms will need to be flexible and open to amending certain business elements to comply with the markets of interest.

Interested CARIFORUM SAUCES AND CONDIMENT exporters are therefore invited to submit their applications to participate by completing the below form by 4:00 pm (AST), July 30th, 2021.

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