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Member's Post: REV Partners with SunCash for Bill Payment Processing

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

REV has come to an agreement with SunCash to make payment processing easier for its subscribers

Press Release: REV was among the majority of businesses in the country who were asked to close their retail outlets in keeping with the emergency protocols put in place by the Government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, customers are no longer able to come in and make cash payments on their accounts.

Barry Malcom, SunCash Director praised the partnership saying, “Sun Island Transfers Limited or SunCash is very pleased to have concluded an agreement to partner with Cable Bahamas to provide services to their customers using the SunCash network. We’ve worked with Cable Bahamas for quite a while to come to a point at which, our customers can walk into our stores and pay bills for Cable Bahamas in real-time on a great, reliable system. This relationship is part of a broader partnership we envision having with Cable Bahamas as more of our SunCash products are rolled out and as Cable Bahamas comes to see the speed, efficiency, and viability of using Suncash for their customers.

It should be noted that the times and locations for cash payments are subject to change by  government and the general public should call or check social media for relevant updates daily.

For more information on Cable Bahamas’ MyAccount platform, customers can visit, or the company’s Facebook page @ GetRevvedUp. Any customer who wishes to sign up for e-billing can WhatsApp 801-0553/54.  There are also a number of relevant video tutorials on this topic and more available on the REV Cable Bahamas Channel on YouTube.

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