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Request For Proposal: NAD Common Use Lounge Concessions

Request For Proposal (RFP): Common Use Lounge Concessions Lynden Pindling International

Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD), the operator of the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) is seeking prescribed proposals from prospective bidders (“Proponents”) interested in designing, financing, constructing, maintaining, operating, and managing two (2) Common Use Lounge Concessions at LPIA.

A detailed Request for Proposal Document for the above is available for distribution to qualified and interested parties via email by contacting Mr. Dexter Bodie, Manager, Commercial Business Development at

The Pre-Submission Meetings and Site Tours for interested proponents will be held on Wednesday, March 15th and Thursday, March 16th, 2023 at 11:00

a.m. EST.

Submissions in response to this RFP are to be received no later than 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday, May 19th, 2023.

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