Plan to Attend: CARILEC CEO and Legal Corporate Track Conference | May 15th - 19th 2022

CARILEC CEO and Legal Corporate Track Conference

Theme: Leadership Matters: Living and Learning Through Disruption and Dislocation

May 15th - 19th 2022 | Atlantis, Paradise Island

Chief Executive Officers’ & Leadership | 15th-18th May, 2022 starting at 7:30 am

The CEOs & Leadership conference will feature elite regional and international leaders of electric utility and energy-affiliated organisations who have successfully navigated these and other complex circumstances and are keen on presenting their expertise and knowledge on effective leadership. This conference will be CARILEC’s first face-to-face event since 2019 and so, they aim to provide the utmost value to all their attendees.


  • Chief Executive Officers

  • General Managers

  • Chief Operational Officers

  • Chief Financial Officers

  • SVPs & VPs Business Executives

  • Consultants

  • Vendors in the Energy & Electricity Industries

  • Government Officials/Policy Makers

And more!

Legal & Corporate Track | 18th-19th May, 2022 starting at 7:30 am

Good governance practices in organisations are key to success and the role that the executive play is critical in assisting their companies navigate tumultuous times. The Legal & Corporate Track training provides a solid grounding in good corporate governance practices and is suited for board members and company secretaries at various positions in their career – aspiring, new, experienced. Attendees will cover corporate governance frameworks, their role on the board as well as the role of the Directors, examine strategy and governance as well as look at current and upcoming developments in the field of corporate governance.

Topics Include:

  • Why is Corporate Governance Important?

  • Legal & Regulatory Framework

  • Standards, Principles and Codes

  • Ownership & Business Models

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