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NIB: The Power is Now in Your Hands! - ISL Bahamas Testimony

Attention Employer,

The power is now in your hands! NIB’s Employer Self Service (ESS) portal gives you the ability to Take Control and Do It Yourself!

No more…

  • Waiting on line to make payments

  • Tedious payment calculations

  • Monthly drafting of Employee list

  • Delays in contribution posting

  • Restricted hours of operation


  • Making payments from comfort of your office, home or mobile device

  • Accurate automatic payment calculations

  • Easy edits to previously uploaded statements

  • Immediate posting of contributions

  • 24 hours access

Click here to watch the video ad to hear the personal testimony from an Employer who uses the portal. If you want to take control, sign-up today for the ESS portal at 502.7613 / 502.7614 or email:

Our ESS representatives can sign you up today!

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