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News Report: RCI eyeing Q2 2024 construction start, if approval is given

Published by: Chester Robards, June 28th, The Nassau Guardian

Royal Caribbean International hopes to start construction on its Royal Beach Club, slated for the western end of Paradise Island, in the second quarter of 2024, but it first has to hurdle a series of environmental requirements in order to get the green light to begin construction, RCI’s Chief Product Innovation Officer Jay Schneider said yesterday.

Schneider made the remarks during the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation’s (BCCEC) Power Breakfast series, which happened aboard RCI’s Freedom of the Seas cruise ship.

More than 160 people attended the event, to hear about how they could participate in the Royal Beach Club project.

Before it can come to fruition, the next step is for RCI to respond to a series of questions coming out of its public hearing, that was held at the beginning of the month at Queen’s College.

“To meet that goal [of receiving a green light], you have to kind of work backwards against a series of things,” said Schneider.

“We’ve got to have permits come after we get environmental clearance, which comes after we submit our environmental management plan.

“We’re really at the step where we conducted the public hearing on June 8, and the public has until 11:59 pm on July 7 to submit questions. We have to answer all of those questions in our written report and individually to them, which we will do probably the week after. We have to then submit our environmental management plan, which we’ve been working on in parallel.

“There’s a two-week public review period for that, we hope soon thereafter. But, again, this really is dependent on the government to reach environmental clearance.

“And then we’ll move through the process of design. Design takes us to get into permits, gets us to eventually starting construction.

“Once we get through environmental clearance, the one piece we hope to fast forward is really site cleanup. There a significant amount of garbage throughout both the Crown land, as well as on the private property.”

During the BCCEC event, Schneider outlined the opportunities available for businesses at the Royal Beach Club, and answered questions from business owners interested in providing services to RCI’s project and even to its ships.

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