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News Report: Chamber document calls for ICT infrastructure to be top priority

by Chester Robards, The Nassau Guardian - 14 January 2021

A position statement on the country’s digital economy, created by the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation’s (BCCEC) Digital Transformation Committee, calls for internet communications and telecommunications (ICT) infrastructure, digital services and digital inclusion to be treated as strategic priorities for The Bahamas, contending the chamber will advocate for this to become reality, along with several other priority points concerning digital regulation.

The BCCEC’s position statement on The Bahamas’ digital economy, which is the framework through which it supports the sector’s regulatory environments, was released late-Tuesday.

“Feedback on regulatory digital policies will be provided to the government from the perspective of the private sector and the role that enterprise plays in the development of the digital economy of The Bahamas,” the statement noted.

“Regulations must drive and facilitate growth of the private sector and new companies in the digital economy.

“The public interest will also be considered as part of a framework to fully realize the contribution of the private sector and the benefits of digital transformation to consumers and to society.”

The BCCEC said while advocating for digital inclusion to be treated as strategic priority, it will also push for clearly defined objectives of digital policy; assessment of the impact of that policy; the identification of risks associated with the policy’s implementation; relevant education and training resources; the spurring of entrepreneurship in the digital economy; encouragement of innovation and the encouragement of innovative foreign direct investment.

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