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Ministry Of Labour National Workforce Skills Gap Survey 2021

The Ministry of Labour, in conjunction with the National Training Agency, the Department of Labour and the National Tripartite Council, formally announce the launching of the National Workforce Skills Gap Survey 2021.

The Ministry of Labour cordially invites all employers and business owners throughout the Bahamas to participate in the survey.

Interested persons can simply click on the link

and kindly answer the questions and submit your responses as directed.

This national survey is designed to engage Employers and Business Owners in the Bahamas by inviting them to answer sixteen (16) questions which will assist in the gathering of critical data to enable the Ministry of Labour to:

  1. identify the skills required by the business community to make their enterprises more productive and efficient,

  2. design education and training programs to respond to the needs of employers and make the Bahamian Labour Force more competitive

  3. provide the Department of Labour with additional data to improve the delivery of quality service to both job seekers and employers that utilize the Public Employment Services Unit of the Department

  4. provide important data to our Policy Makers when making decisions on the Bahamian Labour Market and establishing policies and programs for our national development.

Click below to download the MOL Press Release:

Download • 129KB

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