IICA Caribbean Virtual Agri-Food Trade Mission | November 10th -12th 2021

The Agri- food virtual business fair is open for exporting companies of the Caribbean, and buyers of Central American and North American countries of the following key sectors: animals, meat and edible meat offal, fish, crustaceans, mollusks or other aquatic invertebrates, milk and dairy products, birds eggs, honey, vegetables, fruits, cereals, fruit juices, animal or vegetable fats and oils, food preparations, sugar, cocoa and its preparations, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, and tobacco.

Interested parties should register on the webpage of the Central American Trade Network, SIECA, at www.redca.sieca.int, where they will provide their profile information, to be validated by the organizers and registered in the fair.

Registration will be open until November 10th 2021.

Should you require personalized support, we ask that you send your queries to the following emails: info_redca@sieca.int or jmacoto@sieca.int

Important dates:

  • October 25th, registration for the virtual business conference enabled at www.redca.sieca.int

  • October 27th, Virtual launch seminar: How to participate in the Caribbean Virtual Agri-Food Trade Mission.

REGISTER at: https://www.redca.sieca.int/caribbeanagrifoodmission

Download now - Caribbean Virtual Agri-Food Trade Mission participation guide:

Caribbean Virtual Agri-Food Trade Mission
Download PDF • 181KB

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