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BCCEC Welcomes New Members - December 2021 & January 2022

The BCCEC is pleased to start 2022 by welcoming its newest members for the month of December and January:

  • T4 Media & Communications

  • Preventative Measures

  • National Firearm Association Bahamas

T4 Media & Communications is all about telling the small business story and highlighting Bahamian innovation while helping local entrepreneurs promote their business. Check out their website at or on Facebook at

Preventative Measures is more than a training and consulting firm, Preventative Measures is your partner in the development, implementation, and management, of operational security, loss prevention, asset recovery and crisis management. Visit their website at or on Facebook at

National Firearms Association Bahamas is a Non-profit (Certification #892) NGO (Non-Governmental Organization, that is dedicated to the promotion of firearm safety & knowledge; to the more than 36,000+ licensed firearms owners in The Bahamas, providing certified world-class training for Civilians and Law Enforcement in the Bahamas. Check them out on their website at or on Facebook at

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