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BCCEC CEO participates in Higgs & Johnson Client Seminar

Our CEO was invited to attend Higgs & Johnson's annual the Client Seminar on Wednesday October 9th, 2019 at Baha Mar Convention Center. He participated in a panel discussing "WTO and The Bahamas: Accession Process and Predictions for the Future".

Topics of discussion included The Bahamas’ interest in joining the WTO and how it will happen, and whether or not it will be beneficial to our economy. These panelists were brought together to represent the private sector, international banking community and legal arena to answer some of the pertinent questions in relation to the accession of The Bahamas to the World Trade Organization.

Mr. Beckles was on the panel along with Portia J. Nicholson, Partner at Higgs & Johnson and Allan Wright, Senior Country Economist at Inter-American Development Bank.

The discussion was hosted by Michael F. L. Allen, Partner at Higgs & Johnson.

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