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Access Accelerator: MSME Business Survey

MSME Business Survey

The IDB is a major donor to the Small Business Development Center, Accelerate Bahamas!, and as such, monitoring of micro, small and medium enterprise [MSME] businesses in The Bahamas is required to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of support provided through the SBDC. To that end, this comprehensive survey was designed to gather critical data on how businesses are doing. This data will also be used to develop strategies for continued national economic development.

You are asked to complete the form anonymously, all data will be held in the strictest confidence and no specific business details will be shared. All conclusions and recommendations from this survey will be based on summary findings. Data collection is scheduled for two times per year. We appreciate your contribution to the strengthening of our economy.

The survey is available until the end of the month. Should you have any questions or concerns, kindly direct them to Access Accelerator 359-0626 during regular business hours or contact the Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting Administrator at

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