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Take The Survey: Grand Bahama Port Authority - Grand Bahama Upskilling Program

The University of The Bahamas, The Grand Bahama Port Authority and Quess Corp have come together to develop a technology upskilling program that will deliver in-demand specialized industry training and certification for Bahamians. As a member of the business community, you can assist by filling out the short 2-minute survey below.

The data from this survey will not only help us to identify the skilled labor needs of the business community, but it will also help us in facilitating the upskilling and training of Bahamians for meaningful employment opportunities. The University of The Bahamas will be analyzing the collected data and will work with the other stakeholders in this project to determine where the business needs are with respect to technology and innovation.

Their goal is to develop a targeted professional development and upskilling strategy that would support the development and growth of the tech sector in The Bahamas.

Thank you for your feedback. Click below to take the survey.

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