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Plan To Attend: Sorry not Sorry, Unapologetically Ambitious Women's Empowerment Event | October 12th

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

10 am Day Session | 4 pm Evening Session

General Admission: $150 p/p

Group Rate Special: $125 p/p

Sorry not Sorry, Unapologetically Ambitious” is a women’s empowerment event intended to bring young and professional women together to network, socialize and discuss the importance of empowerment, positivity, and overcoming adversity.

Cable Bahamas is excited to host this event which engages strong, beautiful, influential & inspiring women – all coming together to give their life stories and experiences that will motivate attendees and help them plan, strategize and navigate their way through the business world to break glass ceilings!

International speaker and renowned author, Shelly Archambeau, will be joined by Lisa McCartney as they give instructions on how to walk boldly and unapologetically!

This 2-series event promises to be motivating, empowering, and inspiring as our guest guide you to understand the value of planning to help them achieve their true passions in life.

Click below to view more details and to register:

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