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NIB Upgrades Hailed As 'Giant Step Forward'

As reported by the Tribune, "The Chamber of Commerce's chief executive yesterday hailed the National Insurance Board's (NIB) new employer portal as "a giant step forward that could not be better timed".

Jeffrey Beckles, speaking after NIB presented its new initiative to the private sector at a breakfast meeting, told Tribune Business that it "is probably one of the most innovative announcements we've seen in a long time".

Noting that the business community had been "crying" for developments that improved the "the ease of doing business", he said NIB's transition from a manual, paper-based contribution system to an online process should create "much greater efficiency all around" for individual companies when it comes to managing and making payments.

NIB's Employer's Self-Service (ESS) portal is an Internet-based solution designed so that Bahamian employers can manage their contribution payments and compliance in a manner that eliminates bureaucracy and red tape, and Mr. Beckles described its presentation to Chamber members as akin to "showing us the future". Click the following link to read the rest of the article:

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