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BCCEC Welcomes New Members - May 2022

The BCCEC is pleased to welcome our newest members to the Chamber for the month of May:

  • Service Culture

  • IslandPay Group Ltd

  • Phinda Roots Collaborations Ltd. t/a Pure Flava


Service Culture has catered to businesses and individuals alike since 2017. The boutique consultancy firm aims to provide management solutions to training, human resources, and design challenges. ​Product offerings include customer service, sales, and motivation training. Resume and LinkedIn redesign, Web design, brand, and social media management as well as video advertisements and voice-over talent.

​To learn more about their product offering and how they can provide solutions to your issues, please contact them today. Check out their website at, on Facebook at or on Instagram at

IslandPay Group Ltd founded in 2018, is quickly revolutionizing the way people across the Caribbean use and access money. Through its innovative technology and strategic partnerships with governments and a network of merchants, Island Pay allows individuals, businesses and governments to easily and securely pay for goods and services as well as send, transfer and receive funds electronically using their mobile phones and other low-cost access mediums.

Learn more about them by visiting their website at and check them out on Facebook at

Phinda Roots Collaborations Ltd. t/a Pure Flava - PURE FLĀVA is a brand of Phĭnda Roots Collaborations Ltd., a fully Bahamian women team led by Taneca Malcolm-Ward, C. Tamika Lightbourne, and Christine Turnquest-Knowles. The company was established in 2021 and is headquartered in Freeport, Grand Bahama. The company’s goal is to sell various authentically Bahamian food and beverage products locally and globally.

The new offering follows more than two years of research and development and will be available salted and unsalted for everyone from the home cook to a fine-dining chef.

To get in contact with them for their scrumptious conch broth, give them a call at 242-443-5133 or email and

Join Now! Become a member of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce today!

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