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NEWS: BCCEC Director Tells The Tribune: 'No Clue' Over $300 Minimum Wage Hike

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

TRIBUNE - The Chamber of Commerce's top workforce specialist yesterday revealed he has "no clue" where the director of labour's assertions about a $300 weekly minimum wage originated from.

Peter Goudie, who is also the National Tripartite Council's vice-chairman, told Tribune Business he "did not appreciate" John Pinder wrongly suggesting that body had been discussing the issue of a public sector minimum wage hike "for some time".

Speaking after the Council met yesterday, Mr. Goudie said it had not discussed the minimum wage - and its potential increase - since 2015, and he did not foresee any increase for either the public or private sector "at the moment" as the matter will only be reviewed next year.

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