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Bahamas Covid-19 Screening Tool

ORG, Think Simple and Bahamas Strong are partnering with public health to launch a mobile-friendly site “Bahamas Together” for self-screening of COVID -19 symptoms to assist with data collection and tracking of information.

Please visit: The site has been designed at no cost to the government, to assist in identifying where the potential spread of the virus may be occurring. ORG Is helping to disseminate the site among Civil Society and the public. *We are asking you to please take the survey and share the web link widely with all your contacts living in the Bahamas. * The more this tool is used, the more information and control the health authorities will have over the spread of the virus. No individual data gathered on the site will be shared with the Government at any time. All data will be securely kept and managed to maintain privacy. Only collective data will be shared as identified clusters of symptomatic persons are located so that the Government can test more readily in those areas. Please complete and pass along!