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2020 Plastics Ban; 2019 Environmental Bill

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation wishes to advise its members and members of the business community at large, of the Environmental Protection (Control of Plastic Pollution) Act, 2019, in preparation of the 2020 Plastics Ban.

We have highlighted sections of the Act that businesses should be aware of:

  1. Section 1 clause 2 states that as of January 1, 2020 the Act shall be enforced.

  2. Section 8 clause 2 states that a business establishment shall sell a compostable single-use plastic bag for a fee of not less than twenty-five cents and no greater than one dollar per bag, excluding VAT.

  3. Section 8 clause 3 states that if a business establishment sells a compostable single-use plastic bag to a customer at the point of sale the fee for the sale of the bag must be — (a) separately stated on the receipt provided to the customer; and (b) identified on the receipt as “Checkout bag fee”.

All necessary adjustments on point of sale registers MUST be done before January 1, 2020. (The fines are extremely high and there will be inspectors making sure that all businesses are making the necessary changes).

An Environmental Court will be operating full time.

Businesses should also take note of the following sections:

 Sections 7.3 clause a and b (Fines)

 Section 8 - Sale of compostable single-use plastic bags

 Section 10 - Record Keeping

 Section 11 - Duty to supply records to an Inspector

The 2019 Environmental Act is attached for ease of reference. Please click here to access the document>>>

For further information or assistance, please contact the BCCEC at or 322-2145.

Click here to see Frequently Asked Questions>>>

Debby Deal


Energy and the Environment Committee

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