About Us

Our Vision

To serve as the preeminent resource and advocate, driving effective change for the entire business community.

Our Values & Commitments

We are advocates for our membership and the wider business community. We are committed to providing access, advice and advocacy to ensure economic growth, environmental stewardship and business development opportunities.


We believe that in this role, our job is to:

  • Facilitate initiatives that will help our members to succeed and grow.

  • Lobby for the things that matter most to the business community.

  • Facilitate meaningful access to public policy makers and government sector decision makers on a regular basis.

  • Facilitate meaningful access to employer and employee interest groups, agencies and organisations, at national, regional and international levels.

  • Represent the broad economic interests of our membership.


Our Mission

We are the voice of the business community. Our advocacy directly impacts national policies and promotes good governance that drives growth and prosperity in our business environment. 

We are both an advocate for the business community and a resource to the public sector.

We are committed to facilitating and working with all national stakeholders in the common interest of national development. 

Abstract Pathway

Our Role

  • Partner with public and private sector interests, in initiatives that drive and support economic development and growth.

  • Bridge policy gaps between the private & government sectors.

  • Educate our membership and the wider business community on the developments and issues that impact them.

  • Facilitate access to expertise that will help strengthen our membership and contribute to the overall development and growth of the wider business community.