Policy Priorities

Pressing National Issues

A. VAT Implementation

Major impact from private sector lead by CRT;
BCCEC CEO serves as Co-chair for Private Sector Education Task Force

B. Fiscal Reform, Freedom of Information and Transparency

Coalition to continue efforts regarding tax and fiscal reform
Closely monitoring utilization of new tax revenues;
Accept need for infrastructure development, but must be done properly

C. National Development Plan

BCCEC sits as part of the Advisory Committee

D. Tripartite Council

Minimum Wage
Redundancy Benefits

E. Immigration Policy

F. Energy Security

Well attended annual summit held in December.


BCCEC heavily involved;
Other chambers in country will be involved

2015 - 2016 Agenda

A. Trade Information Services

MOU between government and BCCEC with the Attorney General;
Currently reviewing expressions of interest from qualified consultants. Next move to have them submit response to RFP;
Partly funded by CDB, GOTB and other agencies

B. ADR Arbitration

MOU between government and BCCEC before AG;
Using rules of ICC International Court of Arbitration

C. Tripartite Council

Established by Act of Parliament in February 2015

D. SME Development

Globally, SMEs represent more then 90% of total business, 50% of jobs and payroll;
SMEs represent over 80% of the membership of the BCCEC;
Bahamas estimates of 16,000 businesses; only 4,000 greater than $100k annual revenue;
BCCEC seeking to be business registry for the Bahamas
Mentorship – grant received from government to assist in mentorship development
SME Help Desk – help with business plans, financing options, back office support, business advisory services.

E. Caribbean Network of Services Coalition

BCCEC will establish Coalition of Service Industries as a Division of the BCCEC
Will be come a member of CNSC

F. II National Conclave of Chambers of Commerce

Last year signed MOU and Mutual Recognition Agreements with all Family island

G. New Focus on membership services



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