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Executive Committee

Chairman: Mike Maura Jr.

The executive committee will continue to work with its committee members to address fronting issues such as accountability, transparency and anti-corruption.

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Chamber Institute

Chairman: Peter Goudie

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The Chamber Institute empowers the country’s workforce (through industry training) to power our businesses. We encourage the implementation of industry-driven certification programs within each industry and association and establish grades and standards for all to follow, while developing vocational training programs that will produce productive, proud members of society.

The Chamber Institute’s Career, Business and E-Learning platforms provide businesses a consistent resource for the training of core competencies. By partnering with internationally recognized universities to deliver business management degrees, accounting, leadership, administration, food and beverage, product management and the like.

Communications, Planning & Membership Services

Chairman: Krystynia Lee-Darville

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC) functions primarily through its Standing Committees which parallel the areas of responsibility of the Government Ministries. The Committees meet regularly to discuss problems and general matters of concern within their scope of reference. Recommendations are forwarded to the Government on a regular basis; likewise, when approached by the Government for private sector input, the Chamber’s Board of Directors consults with the appropriate Chamber Division(s).

Ease of Doing Business & SME Development

Chairman: Tara Morley-Nolan

To promote the growth of small and medium enterprises through the mentor ship program and venture fund. To provide SME with the knowledge base through the Chamber Institute and HR Help Desks they require to be successful in a competitive environment. Support of the SMEs through the ChamberInstitute, the HR Help Desk and the SME Division itself with the Apprenticeship Program and Venture Fund is an important offering of this Division.

Employment, Labor & Skills Development

Chairman: Peter Goudie

The Employment and Labor Division works to foster strong relations with labor and encourage continued employee training and development. Strong tiers between employment and labor are key to business success as one is the driver and the other the engine of the economy. Vocational development of the workforce is critical to the economy. Businesses must understand the explicit link between employee education, productivity, competitiveness and GDP growth. The Division believes in welcoming professionals into the country who will train Bahamians, raise the standard and quality of workmanship and relieve the backlog of work that is hampering productivity in key areas such as law, education, medicine and management.

Social Programme Reform

Chairman: Derek Osborne

Works to improve the quality, process and methods of collecting trade related data.

Trade, Foreign & Domestic Economic Development

Chairman: Viana Gardiner

Co-Chairman: Hubert Edwards

This Division recognizes the necessity of attracting new businesses and industries to Bahamian shores. It works to develop ties and network with foreign Chambers in areas like South America and Indo-Asia to explore opportunities in areas such as lite manufacturing, trading centers, commercial banking, logistics and trans-shipment. Under the Ease of Business Bureau, we will determine ways to raise our ranking on the International Ease of Business Ranking (EBR) as well as identifying areas of local concern and impediments to business in The Bahamas. It is imperative to work with the Government and Civil Servants to understand the collection of data that deeds into this ranking, improve on these areas and this improve our ranking.

Energy & the Environment

Chairman: Deborah Deal

Energy reform is one of the single largest priority areas that the country is facing and the Chamber takes the urgency of this quite seriously. With energy costs at current levels, The Bahamas is not competitive as a nation. The ability to grow The Bahamas’ economy is severely stunted by energy costs. The environment remains a serious concern due ti the massive pressures that large-scale development puts in small island chains. More must be done to assure that developments are planned and executed in a way that is truly sustainable and respectful of our unique natural resources. Change is required urgently, given the need for alternative energy, waste-to-energy proposals, managing the dumps and creating power from his current liability and health risk.

Policy, Regulation & Commercial Dispute Settlement

Chairman: Khrystle Rutherford-Ferguson

The Policy & Regulatory Division recommends policy and regulations that will drive businesses and the economy forward. We must work to create an environment that attracts business to The Bahamas and allows businesses to grow and flourish on a regional and global level as applicable. It is only through smart and innovative legislation, policy and regulatory laws that success will be achieved. Specific areas of interest include: Freedom of Information Act, monetary policy and banking reform. The back log in the judicial system and enforcement of the rule of law.


Chairman: Davinia Blair

The objective of the Division is to manage the fiscal affairs of the BCCEC and to promote any and all revenue streams available to ensure the BCCEC is sustainable and accountable. The Finance Division will also work with the PR and Marketing and Trade and Economic Development Divisions, in order to provide advice to the Government on ways to improve the overall fiscal and monetary policy of The Bahamas.

Family Island Development

Chairman: Roderick A. Simms II

The Family Islands Division is charged with bringing the Family Island Chambers and businesses into the BCCEC in an effort to unite common concerns and objectives of the country into one voice and set of objectives. The BCCEC understands that businesses on the Family Islands have unique interests and needs from those in Nassau and that we must encourage the growth of Commerce in the Family Islands.

List of Family Island Chambers:

Abaco Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box AB-20213

Telephone: (242) 367-5822

Fax: TBA


Vado Bootle Sr.: President | | (242) 557-0100

Daphne de Gregory Miaoulis: Vice President | | (242) 357-5255

Brenda Jenoure: Treasurer | | (242) 577-7305

Kathleen Ralph: Secretary | | (242) 577-1677

Andros Chamber of Commerce

All Andros Contact: Darin Bethel: Acting Chairman | Telephone: (242) 471-9155 / (242) 456-8420 |

All Andros Contact: Ambika Cooper: Acting Secretary | Telephone: (242) 456-6469 |

Central Andros Contact: Tavares Thompson: Acting Chairman | Telephone: (242) 471-8075 |

South Andros Contact: Joe Rahming: Acting Chairman | Telephone (242) 357-2447 |

Mangrove Cay District Contact: Rochelle King | Telephone (242) 357-2421 / (242) 445-5014 |

Bimini Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box TBD

Telephone: TBD

Fax: TBA

Email: TBD

Edward Reckley: President | | (242) 473-0355

TBD: Vice President | TBD | (242) TBD

Tony Saunders: Treasurer | | (242) 357-5255

Michelle Malcolm: Secretary | | (242) TBD

Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box EL-26030

Telephone: (242) 334-2203

Fax: (242) 334-2280



Thomas Sands: President | | (242) 359-7011

Elizabeth Bryan: Vice President | | (242) 332-2993

Roderick Pinder: Treasurer | | (242) 332-2984

Lionel Fernander: Secretary | | (242) 332-2487

Ryan Austin: Asst. Secretary | | (242) 376-6223

Exuma Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box EX29034

Telephone: TBA

Fax: TBA


Pedro Rolle: President | | (242) 357-5645

Teddy Clarke: Vice President | | (242) 524-8777

Sarah Swanson: Secretary | | (242) 357-0339

Joyce Bailey: Treasurer | | (242) 557-0176

Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box F-40808

Telephone: (242) 352-8329

Fax: (242) 352-3280



Mick Holding: President | | (242) 357-0805

Dan Romence: 1st Vice President | | (242) 352-7711

Lawrence Palmer: 2nd Vice President | | (242) 352-8501

Karin Sanchez: Secretary | | (242) 352-7063

Ralph Hepburn: Tresurer | | (242)373-1244

Mercynth Ferguson: Executive Director - Administrator

Long Island Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box TBD

Telephone: (242) 357-1064

Fax: (242) TBD


Website: TBD

Cheryl De Goicoechea: President | | (242) 357-1064

Long Island Contact: Cheryl De Goicoechea: President | Telephone: (242) 357-1064 |



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