Coalition for Responsible Taxation

The BCCEC established the Coalition for Responsible Taxation with the objective of understanding and examining the implications that the proposed tax legislation will have on the macroeconomic climate of The Bahamas. The Coalition is also working to identify the specific tax concerns each sector of our industry has and how best to address these concerns within the private sector or through government dialogue. It is the BCCEC Coalition's intent to be solution driven and to encourage proactive, cooperative, collaborative and actionable dialogue between the government and private sector. It is our intent to advise the private sector and to make recommendations to the government on the means to implement, train, fund, educate and market responsible tax laws and regulations.

We encourage those who support the BCCEC Coalition in this initiative to visit  and sign the petition. We also encourage those who have businesses to place the attached flyers on your place of business to show support for the cause.

Please download the listed informational brochures: